You Fool!. Wait What? Interesting. Without a Clue (1988)

Sherlock Holmes’ tale is known for having countless of plot twists. What’ll happen if you breath some humour and put some more plot twist in there? yay, Without a Clue.

I’ve been craving to watch this Sherlock Holmes’ adaptation for years, but I had no luck finding this gem over the Internet. However, about a week ago, while I was surfing the great Internet ocean, somehow I found a shimmering link which eventually led me to this gem. Therefore, veni, vidi, vici. Ha.

Needless to say, this is a Sherlock Holmes parody, in which Dr. Watson is the brains behind Holmes himself. Holmes was just a fictional character, played by an actor hired by Dr. Watson. So, technically speaking, Sherlock Holmes is never existed (yeah, fictionception). Filled with humour along their journey, the duo strive to uncover the man behind £5 note printing plates thievery. Sounds like a bad idea huh?

Not really, unless you’re a butthurt Holmes fans, otherwise, you’re going to enjoy this movie.

Without a Clue
You idiot!

8/10 is my best bet, thanks to Kingsley’s performance.

One more thing, you’ll know more about Lestrade later in this movie!