Eric just wants his car back. The Rover (2014)

Down south in the scorched Australian outback, ten years after the collapse, a tough introverted guy named Eric (Guy Pearce), goes rampaging after his last remaining possesion –his car, stolen by a gang of criminals. Along the journey to claim his beloved car, Eric crosses paths with Rey (Robert Pattinson), a special young man who turns out to be one of the criminals’ brother. Being forced as a guide, Rey then slowly build an unlikely-friendship bond with Eric.

It’s scary just to think of what a man will do when he’s got nothing left to lose.

First thing, I gotta say this is not a movie for the masses, the plot is very slow it will put you fall asleep after a few minutes of watching it. The storyline is linear and seasoned with a grim, dark, confusing, and violent flavour. You can’t get a thrill from this movie, although gunshots talk more often than words. You might also want to remember, this movie is set in ten years after a global economic collapse. Means everybody is confused, scared, losing directions, and desperate. That’s where all the unclever actions comes from, why there are so many disconnected logics, why the main theme itself seems.. pointless.

Hopefully, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattison did a great job. I could feel the mixture of despair, anger, and sadness in Pearce’s eyes. We are not supposed to questioning Pearce’s acting. However, I was blown away by Pattison, he did a really great job for portraying the special kid, Rey. The way he express Rey’s desire who wanted to be liked by Eric and proving he can be much more capable than he may seemed looks pretty neat and real. I have never thought so much about Pattison, it’s time for us to give Pattison a break from his blockbuster franchise. Oh, did I say something about midget there?

The Rover

Not much I can tell from the music score, but it’s really amplifies the main scene atmosphere. Cinematography? best shots you got there, you can even feel the heat if you put a sensual effort towards it.

Bottom line, The Rover may not be meets everyone’s taste, yet I like it and I think it is a gems in cinema. If you need a refreshment from the mainstream, go watch it, it’s different, really.